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Libas Lawn Collection 2013 By Shariq Textiles


Libas Lawn Collection 2013 By Shariq Textiles

Shariq Textiles is one of the most demanding, beautiful and leading textiles mills in Pakistan. Shariq Textiles is back with new bang and new designs and updates of latest fashion trend here in Pakistan. Recently Shariq Textiles has introduced its latest elegant Libas Lawn Collection 2013 For women By Shariq Textiles.

Their famous collections allow Subhata Lawn Aggregation, Subhata Embroidered Accumulation, current Reeva Specializer Lawn Collecting, Libas Compendium, Rivaj Accumulation, and Deeba Specializer Lawn.

Pretty a few models have recognized this collection including Amna Ilyas, Sadaf Kanwal, Fouzia Aman and Mahroosh Yasir. So brows and Have a look on fabulous Libas collection for Spring and summer season 2013 by Shariq Textiles and get ready to buy for yourself and make you feel something extraordinary.

And you can get new dresses designs according to current fashion trend and style. See Libas Lawn Collection 2013 By Shariq Textiles.




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